Interacting with Dolphins

* We may have to cancel the dolphin experience-based programs due to adverse weather or the dolphins' health condition.
* Reservations must be made in advance.

You go into water to the waist and interact with a dolphin right beside you!
There's a tool to help play with the dolphin. You can also give a 'jump' signal when you want it to jump.

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Advance reservationReservations must be made in advance. Internet reservations can be made from here.

Conditions for Participation Minimum of 5 years of age (minimum height: 110 cm).
* Parents are required to participate with a preschool child or children.

Precautions: * Please wear a life jacket on top of the chest-high fisherman's waders before taking part.
* Persons 135 cm or shorter must wear a wetsuit. Please bring a swimsuit.
* In the summertime, participants may wear their life jacket on top of a swimsuit.

* Hello dolphin (entrance) fee will be charged in addition to the following fees.
* Hello dolphin (entrance) fee will also be charged for those attending with attendance.

Schedule Fee
11:20 – (Assembly at 10:50)
13:00 – (Assembly at 12:30)
14:40 – (Assembly at 14:10)
Duration: 20 minutes
Capacity per session: 6 persons
Child (from 5 years of age to elementary school): 3,600yen
Adults (junior high school age or older): 4,000yen

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