Touching Dolphins

* We may have to cancel the dolphin experience-based programs due to adverse weather or the dolphins' health condition.
*Additional programs for the summer period only operate from the third Saturday of July to the end of August – and Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays during September.

Only rarely can dolphins be touched  this is your unique opportunity!
Where can you touch the dolphin? You'll find out on the very day. ☆Enjoy the sensation of the dolphin's smooth and slippery skin!

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Advance reservationThis program is not available for reservations. Please purchase a ticket at the reception desk on the day.

Remarks * Because it is on a first-come, first-served basis, the program may be crowded during the summer season (especially o-bon holiday time in the middle of August).
* Day tickets can be purchased at any time.
* Please note that the reception desk is closed as soon as full capacity is reached.

Schedule Fee
◆Normal Program
10:00 – (Assembly at 09:50)
11:00 – (Assembly at 10:50)
13:00 – (Assembly at 12:50)
14:00 – (Assembly at 13:50)
15:00 – (Assembly at 14:50)
16:00 – (Assembly at 15:50)
Duration: 10 minutes
Capacity per session: 25-40 persons
Child (under 4 years old): 325yen
Child (from 4 years of age to elementary school): 650yen
Adults (junior high school age or older): 760yen
◆Additional programs – summer only
17:00 – (Assembly at 16:50)

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