Dolphin Trainer Experience

* We may have to cancel the dolphin experience-based programs due to adverse weather or the dolphins' health condition.
* Reservations must be made in advance.

Taking part in a staff lecture, you will learn about the dolphin body's structure and how it works. Afterwards, you can play with dolphins and give them instructions, while also feeding and touching these charming creatures!
You will experience what it's like to be a trainer.

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Advance reservationReservations must be made in advance. Internet reservations can be made from here.

Conditions for Participation Minimum of 4 years of age

Things to bring: Please bring a towel . (In case you get wet from the splashed water)!

Schedule Fee
10:30 – (Assembly at 10:10)
11:30 – (Assembly at 11:10)
13:30 – (Assembly at 13:10)
14:30 – (Assembly at 14:10)
15:30 – (Assembly at 15:10)
Duration: 15 minutes
Capacity per session: 8 persons
Child (from 4 years of age to elementary school): 2,160yen
Adults (junior high school age or older): 2,160yen

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